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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pint Number 31

In today's inbox:

Hi Paul!

I was checking out your 'buy me a pint' site and I thought it was quite cool! Anyways, I was wondering - if you could link to a site I'm working on with the words "Cheap flight" on your blog I'd definitely buy you a pint!?! I figure lots of people view your site so why not I thought! ...Let me know if this is possible and I'll get reach into my wallet and look for a couple of quid (I'm a student myself so I know the value of a pint or 5)!



Of course that's possible, Gav... your wish is my command. Cheap flight.


Simon said...


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Jens said...

Is your blog still going or are you too busy downing free pints to do any updating?


12:04 AM  
Elvis Preseli said...

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