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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Curry Number 2

Another ten pints; another milestone; another curry.

You see before you a combination of chicken korma, keema pilau rice, chicken sag with extra garlic, massala dahl and peshwari naan. Yum!


Astrid said...

Yes, yum, but your stomach, could it handle the torture?

2:38 PM  
MattJ said...

Love your blog, genius plan. I will patrol the blogosphere to ensure you haven't been ripped off and no one else is nicking your idea! lol!

Most disappointed to see the inclusion of Korma here. It's not a curry, it's a coconut desrt that somebody accidentally put chicken in. If you must eat something of that Nature, I recommend a Passanda. Me? I'll stick wioth the Madras and Vindaloos! lol!

3:50 AM  
Paul said...

Wish someone would buy me a pint to wash down my curry lol

11:51 AM  

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